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Bringing back the shine to cooperative living

The housing market is heating up. But better days are dawning for Brnoers. Within a few years, a unique complex with 24 cooperative apartment buildings should be built in the Brno district of Kamenný vrch. At A99, we have just completed a project that we are particularly pleased about and in which over 330 families will one day find a home.

Kamenný vrch (Stone Hill) in Brno is one of the city’s most desirable addresses – also because of the nearby nature reserve, which Brnoers call “Kameňák”. In this development location, at the foot of the hill between Petra Křivky and Koniklecová streets, we have designed 3 new streets with 24 spacious and modern apartment buildings, containing studio flats to 4‑room plus kitchenette and bathroom apartments, surrounded by rich greenery.

In order to emphasise the natural character of the site and the nearby nature reserve, we chose exposed concrete for the garage bases as the characteristic architectural element, and a smooth base plaster in combination with corrugated structural plaster in various natural tones for the houses. The glass walls in the stairwells and the partitions between the apartments on the balconies were designed using glass-concrete blocks. The balustrading of the balconies is designed atypically, with a zigzag motif for the struts, which is also visible on many bridges and overpasses in Brno.

When designing these cooperative apartments, we have respected the current trends for low-energy construction and the direction of Brno towards blue-green infrastructure.

The project on Kamenný vrch is part of a pilot urban project for affordable cooperative housing, where construction will be carried out by cooperatives without profit, only at cost prices. This concept can especially help citizens who would otherwise be unable to afford their own homes.

The City of Brno drew inspiration for the construction of cooperative housing to the west of our border – for example, roughly 200,000 cooperative apartments have been built using a similar model in Vienna over 80 years.