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Housing where all the neighbours know each other

Imagine an apartment building in which you and your neighbours share more than just a building number. On the contrary. You know each other by name, you meet at the playground, you barbecue together at the weekend. We’ve designed a few of those now. Modern, spacious, with an emphasis on community life. 

It all started with an invitational tender to design a residential complex in Znojmo. There was an older architectural study that the investor was not very happy with. The houses arranged one after another, long rows of parking spaces… Just a classic housing estate.

The investor decided to redesign the original proposal, and that’s where we came in. We designed four apartment buildings with underground garages and a shared semi-private space that has the ambition to develop community life. The concept of setting the houses in a “garden for living” promotes the idea of residents meeting each other – perhaps at a communal barbecue or the children’s playground.

The apartment building in the Léry neighbourhood in Znojmo will offer high-quality apartments of various sizes. When designing, we placed particular emphasis on giving residents as much privacy as possible in their homes. Each apartment is equipped with a private enclosed balcony, visually separated from the surrounding apartments, as well as corner glazing from the living room. Some apartments will have their own terrace.