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View of the castle from the living room

There are places that take the architects’ breath away. One of them was the meadow in the foothills of the village of Bouzov, surrounded by dense forests. We went to this address several times. We were faced with a big challenge: to absorb its energy, creatively seize it and turn it into a place where 23 families would put down roots.

Our brief was to create a design for 23 family villas and set quality architecture in the picturesque landscape of the foothills. The residential complex Královská louka is located in a meadow in the village of Bouzov, close to the dense Bouzov forests and completely away from the surrounding buildings.

When creating the concept, we were aware of the unique location of the land. We therefore designed all the houses so that the owners could enjoy an unobstructed view of the castle from the living room of each of them. We checked the positions of all the houses on site several times to be sure.

The houses are designed in a simple, elegant style. The emphasis is on carefully designed interior layouts and clean architectural forms, referring to the archetype of the country house, which blend harmoniously with nature. The choice of expressive elements made of natural materials also corresponds to the setting in the landscape – we used wood, stone, light plaster and window frames in the colour of natural wood.

Not even the smallest detail escaped our attention, such as the gate for garden equipment to enter the property or the footpath as a shortcut to the village. We also thought about the location of the public lighting. We designed it so that it would not bother the residents with light emissions inside the houses – these aspects are often forgotten when designing.