We design because we feel it from the bottom of our souls. Not to show off. Become one of us. We’re looking for others who feel the same way.


Civil engineering designer

Do you have the feeling we should meet? Trust it and get in touch with us. We’d be happy to make time for you.

There’s so much… 

  1. You work on projects you can brag about. Even in front of the layman.

  2. You use Revit for designs. Yes, that one.

  3. You’re in a safe and creative environment where your qualities will be fully expressed.

  4. We live through technology – we design in BIM, use drones, 3D printers and virtual reality.

We like
good manners

We act like gentlemen. At a meeting, when at government offices and at the building site. Maybe it’s not really a thing in our industry any more, but whatever. We’re old school. 

You will grow,
we promise

You’ll come alive at A99. You’ll gain confidence and experience from orders worth hundreds of millions. Sometimes you’ll hit rock bottom, but you’ll bounce back. Like all of us.