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Architecture: art or craft?

We say both, and in perfect synergy. We prove it every day, most recently with a project for the largest domestic water park, where we were tasked with designing an outdoor extension to the complex. 

Aqualand Moravia is the largest and most modern water park in the Czech Republic. There are 14 swimming pools, 20 water slides, 24 saunas and procedures, and a restaurant with a wide selection of dishes. Our task was to design the second part of the outdoor attractions.

The plan to expand the area for outdoor attractions included the construction of a new entrance building with summer changing rooms, a new water slide tower, a large family water slide, a lazy river, a children’s pool, a snorkelling pool, 3 more water slides, an outdoor toilet pavilion and two refreshment pavilions. All of this was to be set in a landscape with paved areas, lawns people can sit on and planted trees.

Aqualand Moravia is situated on the site of a former Roman spa, the oldest spa facility in the Czech Republic dating back more than 2,200 years. The design of this part of Aqualand has thus become a popularisation of local history with its entertaining and educational character.

The building is designed with natural materials, the roof slopes give the impression of it growing out of the surrounding terrain. The roof overhangs form pergolas that provide natural shading. The passage between the entrance building and the grounds consists of a wooden terrace with a refreshment stand, connected to footpaths taking visitors all over the site.

We composed the whole area as a varied landscape with hills: places where the green space resembles a jungle and, on the contrary, open grassy areas where deck chairs are placed. We then sensitively and functionally set all the proposed attractions into this landscape.

The entrance building with an elongated curved shape is based on a functional design. The entrance hall is designed approximately in the centre of the volume and it is possible to see the whole area through the glass façade. To the east of the entrance hall, we designed changing rooms with appropriate facilities. To the west of the entrance hall is the operational space, a passage for a service trolley and some of the technology. 

The most striking water attraction in the area is the family water slide with rafts. The four-storey platform tower with a sloping roof is partially clad on the south side with a steel structure that provides support for climbing plants – this ensures shade and natural airflow on the tower at the same time. 

Other attractions – two lazy river circuits, a children’s pool and a snorkelling pool – are also incorporated into the sculpted landscape, bordered by green hedges, earth walls, artificial rocks and planted trees. The river has a faster part in the southern section of the first circuit and in both circuits a section goes through a tunnel with artificial rocks and waterfalls; walking routes cross it over numerous bridges. The children’s pool consists of 3 parts – a spray park, slides for small children and a set of water features for bigger children. In this part, the themes most evident are references to Roman buildings and the culture of the time. The snorkelling pool is partly set into artificial rocks, with a view of the lazy river flowing in the tunnel. All attractions are connected by walkways and equipped with single-storey refreshment stands, which are naturally integrated into the overall scenery.