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Our second home ♡ …

Designing your own home is a bit of an honour for any architect. The pressure is immense, the ego gets a workout. This was the case with the construction of the Svitava Office building, which was to become our headquarters. Are you curious how it turned out? 

The new Svitava Office building was built on the site of an old apartment building that was demolished due to its unsatisfactory condition. It is a clean, four-storey building without a basement and with a flat roof, respecting the contours of the land and the surrounding buildings. 

In terms of construction and materials, it’s a brick building combining monolithic concrete columns and ceilings. The façade consists of a white contact insulation system supplemented by a bonded ceramic strip the colour of bricks. 

Svitava Office offers office space with facilities – meeting rooms, welfare facilities, etc. In the recessed parterre there is a passage to the remaining part of the plot behind the building, on which parking spaces are marked using recessed grassed spacer pavers. 

From the viewpoint of architecture and materials, we designed the office building on Dukelská ulice as pure as possible with an emphasis on its ability to shape the city. Through its character, it helps complete an urban avenue, but also complements the structures already standing in the vicinity – for example, the building at the corner of Dukelská třída and Gargulákova, Dukelská třída 70, the buildings on Nováčkova ulice and the apartment buildings along Svitavské nábřeží.

The area around Svitava Office will continue to change. In the next few years we assume the development of the neighbouring empty lot on the north side and the empty lot across Dukelská třída, with similarly shaped buildings enhancing the city. A new large Brno district is even being built in close proximity to the office building – Nová Zbrojovka. 

Husovice has recently become an interesting, rapidly developing Brno location with a unique Genius loci. The new Svitava Office building can thus be boldly ranked among its modern landmarks.